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Cheers! I wish I could be forever 21. But ain’t gonna happen Haha Thank you for everyone who remembered and greeted me. I love you all so much. Im so blessed with such amazing friends and family. Thank you for making my 21st birthday memorable and full of smiles. As my dad says : For the sad, birthday is a day to ask for more. For the happy, your birthday is a day to count blessings & give thanks. Have a wonderful evening everyone 💋❤️
Before the madness #vscocam #selfie
Friday morning alone time 💅 #vscocam #longweekend
Sushi for lunch 🙈🍣 #calimaki #vscocam
Fave 😊 #vscocam @starbucks

that is pure happiness right there
I just wish we have parks like this where in we could relax and have our coffee, lunch breaks and days off away from the city and stress #vscocam
☔️☁️ #vscocam
Harro Peps 😊 #vscocam @jicoleee